Understanding Morpheus8: FAQs and Answers About This Innovative Treatment

Regardless of how we feel on the inside, our skin is often quick to betray our age. Sagging skin, fine lines, and the effects of sun exposure are visible signs of aging that can be difficult to hide. However, with treatments like Morpheus8, you can revitalize your skin’s texture and appearance so that you can look more fresh and youthful without any extra effort.

At BodyPoint Medspa in Lehi, UT, Morpheus8 is one of our favorite treatments for boosting the health and vitality of our patients’ skin. As a non-invasive treatment, it can offer beautiful results in just a few sessions with very little downtime. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about this treatment and the benefits it can offer.

What Is Morpheus8?

InMode Morpheus8 is a non-invasive treatment, expertly crafted to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. It delves deep beneath the skin’s surface, stimulating natural collagen production and aiding in the remodeling of skin layers. Ideal for those seeking a non-surgical approach, Morpheus8 effectively improves skin texture, tone, and overall firmness.

A Closer Look at the Morpheus8 Treatment

The Morpheus8 treatment uses a combination of two distinct technologies. Tiny needles penetrate the skin to a specific depth, creating microchannels that cause the body to begin sending fibroblasts to the area to heal it. During the treatment, radiofrequency energy is also delivered through these needles, enhancing collagen production and tightening the skin from within.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morpheus8

What Makes Morpheus8 Different From Other Microneedling Treatments?

Morpheus8 stands out in the realm of skin rejuvenation because it uses more than one type of technology. This not only encourages surface-level healing but also delves deeper for more significant skin tightening treatment effects. The depth of needle penetration, adjustable to suit individual needs, allows for a more customized and comprehensive approach to skin improvement.

What Can Morpheus8 Treat?

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Morpheus8 effectively smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a more youthful skin appearance.
  • Acne Scars: Another Morpheus8 result is the softening of acne scars. The needles can help to break down scar tissue, while additional collagen can help restore collagen lost during the initial healing process.
  • Sagging Skin: One of the primary Morpheus8 benefits is its ability to tighten sagging skin. This can be particularly useful in areas like the jowls, the neck, or under the eyes.
  • Sun Damage and Skin Texture: This treatment helps improve the overall skin texture and reduces the effects of sun damage, restoring a more even and radiant skin tone.
  • Large Pores: Morpheus8 can help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, leading to a more refined skin surface.
  • Stretch Marks: While typically challenging to treat, stretch marks can be visibly reduced with Morpheus8, thanks to its deep skin remodeling capability.

How Long Does a Typical Morpheus8 Session Last?

A typical Morpheus8 treatment session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The duration can vary depending on the size and number of areas being treated. This time frame includes the preparation, treatment, and a brief post-treatment period.

What Results Can I Expect Post-Treatment?

After this treatment, many people notice some skin tightening right away, which increases as more collagen is produced in the area. Other Morpheus8 results like improved skin texture, reduced appearance of wrinkles, and enhanced skin firmness can take longer to appear. You can anticipate improvements over the following weeks as the skin continues to heal and rejuvenate.

How Often Should I Get Morpheus8 Treatments?

The frequency of Morpheus8 treatments is best determined on an individual basis, but generally, a series of one to three treatments spaced about four to six weeks apart is recommended. We will recommend a treatment plan based on your specific skin concerns and desired outcomes. Ongoing maintenance treatments may be suggested to prolong and enhance the results.

Is There Any Downtime After Morpheus8?

Post-treatment downtime following Morpheus8 is minimal. Patients may experience mild redness and swelling for a few days, but these effects typically subside quickly. Most individuals can resume their normal activities shortly after the treatment. 

Can Morpheus8 Be Combined With Other Treatments?

Yes, Morpheus8 treatments can be effectively combined with other cosmetic treatments to enhance overall results. The compatibility with other options will be overseen by your doctor and will depend on your skin’s health and the goals that you have.

What Is the Post-Treatment Care for Morpheus8?

After an InMode Morpheus8 session, post-treatment care includes keeping the skin clean and moisturized. You will want to avoid direct sun exposure and use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect the treated areas. You may be advised to avoid strenuous exercise and wearing makeup for a short period post-treatment to facilitate optimal healing and results.

Walking You Through Your First Treatment

Morpheus8 for skin rejuvenation begins with an appointment to talk about what you are looking for from cosmetic treatments. We’ll talk through our recommendations and get your health history and a history of any recent treatments. Then we’ll design a treatment plan based on what we’ve learned.

On the day of the treatment, the targeted area is cleansed and a topical numbing cream may be applied. The Morpheus8 device, with its fine needles and radiofrequency technology, is then expertly used on the skin. Once the whole area has been treated, we often apply products to help nourish and protect the skin.

Elevate Your Beauty Regimen With Morpheus8 in Lehi, UT

Morpheus8 effectively addresses a variety of skin concerns, from reducing wrinkles to improving skin texture and firmness. At BodyPoint Medspa in Lehi, UT, we specialize in this advanced microneedling and radiofrequency treatment, offering a solution for skin rejuvenation. To discover more about Morpheus8 or to book your session, please reach out via our online form or call us at (801) 441-4171.

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