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At BodyPoint Medspa, in Lehi, UT, we are proud to offer a highly effective photofacial IPL treatment called Lumecca IPL by INMODE. This device is the perfect solution for men and women looking for a way to treat and eliminate the different forms of hyperpigmentation on the face and body. One of the benefits of the treatment is that it can help patients achieve a healthier, younger-looking complexion with just a few quick and virtually painless treatments.

Lumecca IPL by INMODE

lumecca treatment

Lumecca IPL by INMODE is a powerful photofacial treatment that provides an effective solution for those suffering from different hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions. If you have discolored skin, whether from sun damage, environmental factors, genetics, or other factors, this treatment can help restore or create a uniform complexion and even skin tone that makes you feel more confident in your appearance.

How It Works

Lumeka IPL uses intense pulsed light to break down the discolored skin cells below the skin’s surface. The light in the device is attracted to pigment, and once it breaks down the pigment, the body can react to the treatment process and create new, healthier tissue.

This photofacial device is superior to other similar devices of its kind because it not only delivers a quick treatment but has a large spot size. It can treat large areas of the skin in less time than similar devices, and the device enables the skin to better absorb the intense pulsed light to deliver incredible results by breaking down the pigment.

The Lumecca IPL Treatment Areas

This treatment can target, treat, and eliminate discoloration on different areas of the face and body. Specifically, it can treat vascular lesions, including different-sized birthmarks, port wine stains, and even spider veins. Also, those who suffer from rosacea can use this IPL treatment to reduce the appearance of redness.

Additionally, Lumecca IPL by INMODE is an effective solution for those who suffer from sun-damaged skin on the face or different areas of the body. It can help treat and eliminate different types of hyperpigmentation, including age spots, freckles, sunspots, brown spots, and other forms of discolored skin.

A Photofacial for Discoloration, Hyperpigmentation, and Skin Rejuvenation

One of the benefits of scheduling the treatment is that not only will it help eliminate the different forms of hyperpigmentation on your face, body, or both, but it also rejuvenates the skin.

After undergoing treatment, you can expect younger-looking skin thanks to how the treatment eliminates damaged skin cells and forces the body to replace those cells with healthier, newer tissue. Post-treatment, you can expect a more even skin tone and a younger and healthier-looking complexion.

What To Expect From the Treatment

woman pointing to rosacea

One of the reasons that Lumecca IPL is so effective and has become a favorite treatment among patients looking for a way to eliminate hyperpigmentation and experience total skin rejuvenation is that the treatment time is quick and the process is effective.

We can treat your target area in 20 minutes or less, and once your treatment is over, you can apply makeup immediately. During the treatment process, there’s no discomfort, thanks to the efficient device equipped with a cooling mechanism that ensures a comfortable and cool treatment process.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients need four to six treatments to achieve their desired results. Since different patients suffer from different forms of hyperpigmentation, we create unique treatment plans before beginning the treatment process. You may need several treatments to effectively eliminate hyperpigmentation, but we can give you more details about what you can expect from the entire process at your initial consultation.

Is There Any Downtime?

There’s no significant downtime associated with this treatment, but you will need to take some steps to protect your skin after it’s over. Wearing a high-quality sunscreen is imperative to avoid accelerated aging, but it also will protect the new, healthier skin post-treatment.

While you can apply makeup immediately following your treatment, you may have some redness which will subside relatively quickly. We will give you detailed instructions about what you can expect and how you should care for your skin after the treatment is over.

When Will I See the Results?

You’ll see treatment results after one session, and they’ll continue to improve over time with each recommended treatment. This photofacial IPL treatment initiates a process that the body will respond to so that you can achieve a more uniform complexion free of discoloration. Once we evaluate your skin and the area you want to treat, we can give you more details about your results and what you can expect.

How Long Will My Results Last?

This treatment process is intended to deliver permanent results for existing issues. However, new hyperpigmentation may continue to develop in different areas of your face and body. The good news is that you can schedule additional treatments to treat other areas with hyperpigmentation to maintain an even skin tone.

Who Is a Candidate?

The best candidates for this treatment are men and women who want to eradicate different forms of discoloration and vascular lesions from their skin. If you’re interested in undergoing this photofacial treatment, the first step is a consultation. We will meet with you to evaluate your skin and the desired treatment area in person and confirm that this treatment is the right choice for you.

Once we do, we can create an individualized treatment plan and give you more details about how many treatments you will need to schedule to achieve your desired results, when you can expect results, and how to care for your skin post-treatment.

Perfect Your Complexion With an IPL Treatment That Works

IPL Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is stubborn and often doesn’t respond to skin care treatments and topical products. However, Lumecca IPL will eliminate discoloration for good. We can help you achieve beautiful, clear, healthy-looking skin with this powerful and intensive IPL treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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