Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Lehi, Utah

Balanced hormones are important to mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being. At BodyPoint Medspa, in Lehi, UT, we offer bio identical hormone replacement therapy. This hormone balancing treatment is an effective way for men and women to boost libido, enhance sexual wellness, and improve the overall quality of their lives. We use pellets as our primary form of BHRT because they are effective, require no work on the patient’s part, and help patients maintain balance.

Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio identical hormone replacement therapy is an anti-aging treatment that uses bio identical hormones to balance hormone levels in men and women. There are many different factors that cause hormonal imbalances, the most common being the aging process.

However, living with the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance is not only less than ideal, but it’s also not normal. If you have accepted that negative symptoms are just a normal part of the aging process, know that there is an effective solution that can help you look and feel better than ever.


Pellet Therapy

Bio Identical Hormone pellets are high-quality tiny hormone pellets that are subcutaneously inserted into the body to balance hormones. There are many different forms of BHRT, including oral tablets, creams, patches, and injectables. Pellet therapy has many unique advantages, making it a superior form of bio identical hormone replacement therapy. It requires no work on the patient’s part, and follow-up treatments are few and far between.

There are many benefits to choosing this particular hormone balancing treatment. Once we confirm that you are a treatment candidate, we can customize your necessary dosage so that you get exactly what you need from the treatment.

Improved Libido

Men and women suffering from a hormone deficiency often experience low libido. Low libido can negatively impact your relationships, but the good news is that bio identical hormone replacement therapy with hormone pellets can help resolve this issue and boost libido.

Hormone Balancing Benefits

One of the primary benefits of bio identical hormone replacement therapy with pellets is that it delivers hormone balancing benefits. Not only will it alleviate negative symptoms, but it will replace those symptoms with positive benefits. Some of the most common benefits of this treatment include emotional balance, increased energy levels, healthy weight loss, better hair and skin quality, improved bone density, better mood, and improved heart health.

Improved Sexual Wellness

Not only does this treatment help boost libido, but it also improves sexual wellness. Some sexual wellness-related symptoms indicative of hormonal deficiencies include pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, and other similar symptoms. Once beginning this treatment process, you can expect to experience improved sexual wellness and a resolution of those negative symptoms.

Improve Your Well-Being With BHRT

BHRT is an effective treatment that brings balance to the body and improves every area of life. If you’re living with a hormonal imbalance or deficiency, we can help. We’ll customize a treatment plan with Bio Identical Hormone pellets that’s right for you so that you can live free of the negative symptoms of an imbalance and experience all the benefits that accompany balanced hormone levels.

How Pellet Therapy Works

The pellet therapy treatment process begins with an initial consultation. It’s important that we learn more about your medical history and confirm your hormone deficiency so we can take steps to treat and eliminate your symptoms and balance your hormones. We will use standard blood testing methods to determine your hormone levels. Lab work gives us a better idea of your hormone levels and deficiency so we can order the right pellet dosage that’s right for you.

Bio Identical Hormone pellets pellets come in two different types: estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen is one of the dominant female hormones, but it’s also present in men. Testosterone is the primary male hormone that’s also present in women. We’ll order your hormone dosage accordingly so that once we insert the pellet below your skin’s surface, we can begin to balance your hormone levels.

The Treatment Process

Once we confirm you are a good candidate for this treatment, you won’t have to do anything to prepare for your pellet insertion appointment. The treatment process only takes a few minutes. First, we will numb the treatment site, typically an area with fatty tissue on the hip or buttocks.

Then, once the area goes numb, we will make a tiny incision, insert the pellet below the skin’s surface, and cover it with a bandage. You’ll then be free to resume most of your normal daily activities, and your body will immediately begin absorbing the hormones in the pellet and using them to establish balance.

What To Expect Post-Treatment

After undergoing the pellet insertion treatment, you won’t have much downtime, but you’ll need to avoid lower body exercises for a few days so you don’t disrupt the insertion area. We also recommend that patients avoid submerging the treatment site in water. Taking showers is ok, but you should avoid getting in hot tubs, swimming pools, or bathtubs. After a few days, you can remove the bandage and resume all of your normal activities.

How Long Will My Pellet Last?

Pellets typically last approximately three to six months. Different factors affect how long you will need follow-up treatments, including your weight, the rate at which your body absorbs the pellets, your hormone levels, and the level of your deficiency or hormone excess. Since each patient requires a unique dosage and has different hormone balancing needs, we can provide more details about what you can expect from your unique treatment plan at your consultation.

Based on how long your pellets last, you may need anywhere from two to four follow-up treatments each year to maintain balanced hormones. Some patients begin to feel the effects of treatment within days to weeks of undergoing the treatment process; for others, it may take longer.

The Benefits Of Pellet Therapy

How it works